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Let the girlcrushing commence

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Welcome to Billie!Love, a LiveJournal community dedicated to the actress and former singer Billie Piper. The idea for this comm. was shamelessly stolen from the fabulous tennant_love and like it, this is a place to share general adoration and love for Billie.

Our staff are as follows: lovepollution (founder), jeanne_dark (co-moderator), leeson (co-moderator), immiinthetardis (co-moderator) and hobbit_hunter (co-moderator).


Some great sources for information, news and more on Billie:
+ BilliePiper.com.ar
+ IMDB: Billie Piper
+ Wikipedia: Billie Piper


+ tennant_love - A David Tennant community
+ rose_stills - A Billie/Rose Tyler icon contest community
+ rose_lives - A Rose Tyler community
+ barrowman_chllg - A John Barrowman/Jack Harkness icon contest community
+ ecclescult - A Christopher Eccleston community
+ freema_love - A Freema Agyeman community


These aren't anything too scary, but please do keep them in mind when posting and commenting:

1) All be respectful of all the community members. Remember not everyone will like the same things as you and you should be respectful of that. If you break this rule you will first get a warning. If you persist a temporary ban and if you still don't stop we will have no choice but to ban you permanently.

2) Posting of images is encouraged, but please put more than one small image behind a LJ cut.

3) Sharing of all Billie related media is of course allowed but we'd like to ask that you friends lock posts containing copy righted material such as TV shows or music.

4) Pictures and news about the new Doctor Who season are allowed.

5) Fan fiction from any series Billie has been in (Doctor Who, The Canterbury Tales etc.) is allowed, but we ask that it feature Billie's character in a main part. Also if posting fiction directly into this journal please use a LJ cut.

6) Icons, desktops etc. featuring any of the characters Billie has portrayed or the series in which she's appeared are allowed. Please place large images or more than 3 icons behind a LJ cut.

7) Before requesting any media (music, videos etc) please check the community tags to try and find any posts relevant to your search and that may contain what you're searching for.

NOTE: Posts containing media will generally be locked, so you must join before you can see and download from them.

But most of all, have fun! And spread the Billie!Love!

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